The countdown is on – only 10 days to Adam Baldwin at Supanova! Here’s a treat to get you excited!

It’s just 10 days until you can meet Adam Baldwin at Supanova in Melbourne! This is Adam’s first Australian convention appearance, so we’re a little excited here at New Melbourne Browncoats HQ. To get ready, we’re counting down the days and sharing our favourite moments.

We’re starting with Serenity and a fantastic moment during filming where the Adam celebrated the movie’s reality with the fans. Once upon a time (long before twitter and facebook), Adam used to hang out on the Firefly forum known as the OB. This was Firefly’s Official Board, and was the place to be if you wanted to interact with the cast and crew of Firefly and get the gossip on the show. When the movie was announced, that’s where Chris Buchanan (Firefly/Serenity Executive Producer and all around awesome guy), Adam, Nathan and others shared their excitement. And when filming began, the fans on the OB and other Firefly forums got together to give them a gift – a Big Damn Banner for our Big Damn Heroes in their Big Damn Movie! Chris Buchanan delivered it to the set and took some photos to share the cast’s delight (you can read more about it and check out photos of the other cast with the banner here). The banner reads “To our BDH on the BDM. You’ve done the impossible and that makes you mighty. Browncoats got your back.”


What’s your favourite Adam moment?