Still Flying: An Interview with Tim Minear, Part II

PopMatters has posted Part 2 of their indepth interview with Firefly co-creator, Tim Minear.

In this second and final installment, Tim Minear muses on a wide range of topics. We discuss the rise of reality television and how Minear sees his own work in relationship to the phenomenon. He considers whether or not Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is a viable model for the future of small-screen narratives, especially in light of Whedon’s talent and very loyal fan base, then talks about the succession of canceled shows he has experienced over the last decade. We spend a little time on his personal writing habits and what he enjoys about conducting writers’ workshops before Minear offers his perspective on fandom and how he feels about having his work studied and taught by academics. Next I invite Minear to comment on his unrealized project Miracle Man and how the Writers Guild of America Strike derailed the penning and filming of the pilot. To close, Minear discusses his latest project The Chicago Code and what excites him—and should excite audiences—about the new series.

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