New items added in our CSTS Online Auctions! Now with added Baldwin, Glau, Duskhu, Marsters & more!

The last of the collectibles up for grabs in our Can’t Stop The Serenity online auctions for Equality Now are now live on eBay!

item14“Spike” Door poster signed by James Marsters
Measuring a massive 53x158cm this is nearly life size!

item13Done The Impossible Poster Signed by Adam Baldwin
Measuring 50cm x 70cm, this poster promotes the “Done the Impossible” Firefly fandom documentary (, hosted by Adam Baldwin.

item12Actual Bank Note Prop from Serenity
This is an actual prop bank note from the filming of Serenity. It was originally obtained from via a charity auction for Kids Need to Read, who received it from a member of the film’s props department and verified its authenticity with Nathan Fillion.

item11Eliza Dushku Signed Picture & “Inside The Dollhouse” Book
Win a wonderful 8x10in Photograph of “Echo” signed by Eliza Dushku plus “Inside the Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum” book, edited by Jane Espensen

item10Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Poster Signed by Summer Glau
28cm x 43cm promotional mini-poster signed by Glau, who played Cameron, the Terminator in the series.

item9Buffy The Vampire Slayer Print Signed by Nicholas Brendan and Georges Jeanty
This 28cm x 43cm photographic print is signed by Nicholas Brendan (Xander) & Georges Jeanty (Artist)

item8Avengers Fan Art Poster Set
Set of 6 photographic prints, each measuring 28cm x 43cm, and featuring Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Loki and Iron Man. The Loki print hand-signed by artist Ellie Babin-Sather of Elle is a Monster (