Important Update for 2015 Membership Applications & Renewals

Our Membership Officer is having surgery this month, so from Monday 12th of January, she will be unable to process new memberships for 2-3 weeks while she recovers.

If you email your Membership Application in by 12 January, it will be processed as normal (ie. you’ll receive an invoice for payment). If it’s received after that, please be patient. Your application will still be received, but you will not receive your invoice until a couple of weeks later.

Dog tags for 2015 are on order, and we’re hoping to received them in the next week or so. Which means that we’ll be sending them out in February, so look out for them then!

To give you all the maximum chance to be eligible for our Monthly Members Prize Draw, we’ll be skipping the January Draw and instead drawing out 2 lucky random members names in our February Draw. To be in with a shot, you’ll need to have paid your membership by 15 February.